Thursday, July 31, 2008

The 92nd Skeptics' Circle

Hey hey! The 92nd Skeptic's Circle blog carnival is just out, at The Lay Scientist. Among the highlights, is Bing McGhandi's account of his pseudo-legal menacing at the hands of someone representing a Feng Shui 'expert' he subjected to a well-deserved drubbing some time ago. The good citizens at Autism Street also report on a similarly well-deserved spanking handed to someone peddling nonsense regarding vaccines and autism. Greta Christina who has written about atheism and porn and more has a typically good article on why she doesn't believe in souls. Far be it from me to call it a highlight, but I'm pleased that my report on my mate Dave's correspondence with Roger Coghill over his inducement to commit infanticide made the cut.

I love the smell of arguments in the morning...

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Bing said...

Thanks very much for the link. I do hope it is minimally useful. May your cats always have cute kittens, as opposed to the ugly type of kitten.

The best thing about these Circles is the number of different topics that we skeptics brush our filthy selves against on a bi-weekly basis. Great stuff.