Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Encephalon #51

Sandy G hosts the latest Encephalon, over at The Mouse Trap. It's cool. Among the fine things there is an article at Mind Hacks about how just calling a deck of cards special fools even accomplished tricksters into entertaining crazy hypotheses about the tricks done with it, reminding us of something Dennett has said about the non-existence of a genuine 'hard problem' of consciousness. There's also a piece at Mind, Body, Soul on Asperger's syndrome patients and their deficits at reading others. That latter piece is fruitfully read alongside one at Neurocritic on differences between autistics and Williams' sydrome subjects found with eye tracking. My own piece from a little while ago on encoding of the concept 'nest' in the mouse hippocampus also made the cut. There's more - check it out.

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