Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Handy Research Blogging list of Effortless Incitement posts

One of the main things I do with this blog is write up peer reviewed science that seems interesting to me. (Then submit entries to carnivals in case any of it interests anyone else.) Research Blogging.Org is a cool initiative that aggregates blog articles meeting certain criteria, including being based on peer-reviewed research that the blog author undertakes to have read properly, and be trying to say something more than "this is cool" or "this sucks" about. I find their feed to be one of the most useful that I've got, and also find their criteria a useful discipline when writing articles about papers that I've found interesting. I've just found that there's a digest page for my blog (I'm one of their registered blogs, which you have to be to generate the Research Blogging citation). It's a handy list containing only postings that are about peer-reviewed research, and an indication of how much traffic (not much so far) is getting to me from their aggregator.

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