Friday, January 9, 2009

African naturalist blogroll

Michael Meadon over at Ionian Enchantment has compiled a blogroll of African blogs with a pro-science, or sceptical orientation. There aren't very many, but that's not so surprising on a continent with so little internet penetration. The blogroll is a useful service, and I'm reproducing it here:

Since Michael is the one doing the maintenance and updating, if you see a blog that you think belongs on the list (whether or not it's yours) you should contact him. Here is his most recent posting of the blogroll.

(I prefer 'naturalist' for one who takes science to be our best guide to how the world is. It's not clear what word is best here, because at least in SA English 'sceptical' doesn't carry the associations it does in much of the rest of the English-speaking blogosphere.)

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Michael Meadon said...

Thanks... now to get other people to blogroll too...