Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Phil Papers research tool

A long-standing and useful intiative for people who work in the Philosophy of Mind (no, really, some do) is MindPapers - a categorised bibliography with links to original versions, and some citation data, and fairly simple tools for collaboration in extending and refining the database. The editors of that project, David Chalmers & David Bourget, both at ANU, have now unleased a more ambitious project with a wider scope, which is PhilPapers. This version abandons the focus on Philosophy of Mind, and adds a range of tools including ones for "accessing the articles and books online wherever possible, for discussing them in discussion forums, for classifying them in relevant areas of philosophy, for searching and browsing in many different ways, for creating personal bibliographies and personal content alerts, and much more." (From Chalmers' announcement.)

This is generally good. Although it's gosh darned bizarre to me that the project isn't inclusive of science on the same and related topics. You know, that stuff people do with evidence, and experiments. The stuff that you can't do from the armchair. Those philosophers and their zany antics...

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