Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Advertising standards and mad ads

In one of my mad ads postings I mused about the state of advertising standards in South Africa. Michael Meadon over at Ionian Enchantment sent me a link to a bit of good news. This is that the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa ruled against the makers of the herbal supplement Revivo, requiring that the product must be withdrawn in South Africa, because the advertising makes unsubstantiated claims that the product works as a treatment for HIV. You can read an article about the ruling on the website of the Treatment Action Campaign.

Apparently it is possible to complain by email. I suspect that the operators I've been publishing about are moving fast and light, and may change premises regularly, making it more difficult to deal with them than a formal business with a proper address. still, I'll try to find time to write in, and then post updates about what ever happens here. In the interim, I'll keep on scanning and posting mad ads, because they aren't running out just yet.


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Doctor Spurt said...

Oh, is that the Naturamax that is carefully marketed as a "natural dietary supplement" so that it's exempt from the standards applying to medication? The one that "contains none of the synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications"? (Which presumably means that it only uses naturally occurring carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, etc., rather than the artifical manufactured stuff. If it means anything at all, that is.) It sounds rather likely to be dodgy and useless to me, but I'll check it out and write up the results.

If anyone knows of a rigorous double-blind placebo-controlled trial of this stuff, do let me know.