Tuesday, September 1, 2009

But still, they come: Dr Mama Hafisa & Dr Hashiraf...

I'm continuing with my series on mad ads for this or that spooky, pseudo-scientific or otherwise problematic adverts for services relating to health. Since I started I've run into the pamphlets of several practitioners who are new to me. A trip down town got me two new exhibits, handed out by people on the pavements. I don't know if I'm just noticing it more because I'm paying attention, but it still seems to me as though there's a bit of an upsurge in this kind of advertising.

I mean to make enquiries into what laws cover advertising, and if there are public bodies that it is possible to make complaints to. But I'm kinda busy, and only get to blagging late at night. So for now I'll just carry on scanning and posting the things for your delectation and amazement. The latest one is for the combined services of Dr Mama Hafisa & Dr Hashiraf. In many ways it's similar to the others, including the prominent focus on penis size, and sexual endurance, along with claims to assist with infidelity, court cases, and so forth. And of course the scandalous claim to help 'people with HIV'. The scans are below, and you can check the advert out and form your own opinion. I found a few features of this one especially striking:

First, the appearance of the crescent moon and star symbol of Islam. It seems as though there could be a niche market here, or subtle differences of style and emphasis in the quackery. It would take more than looking at the adverts to figure this out.

Second, the penis related claims are most impressive. Apparently these two can organise 'any size you want'. The typo infested sentence reading "Bring your Penis your Penis to us you will not regreat" inspires a strong version of the fear occasioned by a tattooist who can't spell, as well as raising the question of how you might visit without bringing your penis.

Third, the interventions that can supposedly help win court cases, etc., are herbal, and "100% natural". Boggle.


Sarah said...

YES! I would like "more rounds with my partner" - who wouldn't ;)

Anonymous said...

How about a penis that made sounds like a light saber?

sexual-problems said...

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Doctor Spurt said...

Oh, is that the Naturamax that is carefully marketed as a "natural dietary supplement" so that it's exempt from the standards applying to medication? The one that "contains none of the synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications"? (Which presumably means that it only uses naturally occurring carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, etc., rather than the artifical manufactured stuff. If it means anything at all, that is.) It sounds rather likely to be dodgy and useless to me, but I'll check it out and write up the results.

If anyone knows of a rigorous double-blind placebo-controlled trial of this stuff, do let me know.