Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dr Jose Buba - all the way from Mauritius

Here's one more mad ad before the week is done. I hope to set the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (see earlier post) on a few of these next week if I can find the time to prepare complaints.

This time we've got Dr. Jose Buba. Here's another guy who can apparently do divination with a 'mirror and water' (although unlike the good Dr. Raju he does not claim he can 'sit on a crocodile and lion skin while floating on water and communicating with the dead'). And he can supposely organise you the usual things like a large penis, a job, winning the lottery, not to mention less common services like treating epilepsy and sorting out any hassles you might have with "bewitched people".

Note, if you can be bothered to check out the small print, that this guy gets his leaflets printed by the same establishment as Dr Raju, and Dr Mama Simba, not to mention Dr Mama Hafisa & Dr Hashiraf and Dr Jadhu (and associates). This print shop is getting the lions share of the trade in quack flyers, at least the ones that have come to my attention. The phone numbers for the quacks are all different, though. And the indicated places of business differ too. So it seems as though the number of quacks is large, but for some reason they're using one print shop to do most of their work. I'd be interested to know more about what that is about...

Here are the two sides of the flyer - one in isiZulu, the other in English. Notice the AIDS ribbon in the top left corner of each version. (Larger versions display when you click on these ones.)


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Doctor Spurt said...

Oh, is that the Naturamax that is carefully marketed as a "natural dietary supplement" so that it's exempt from the standards applying to medication? The one that "contains none of the synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications"? (Which presumably means that it only uses naturally occurring carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, etc., rather than the artifical manufactured stuff. If it means anything at all, that is.) It sounds rather likely to be dodgy and useless to me, but I'll check it out and write up the results.

If anyone knows of a rigorous double-blind placebo-controlled trial of this stuff, do let me know.