Monday, June 23, 2008

Aylett on Lint

Some readers of this blag have expressed frankly dismaying scepticism about the existence of Jeff Lint, in the face of the evidence of his involvement in major works of popular culture such as the films 'Patton' and 'Funny Girl', his scripting of an episode of 'Star Trek'(*), as well as the many books and smaller selection of comics, not to mention the records of his forays into theatre and involvement in unpopular music.

I refer such doubters to the first two chapters of the careful biography by Steve Aylett, that are freely available here. Lint himself, who may or may not be dead, has a profile on MySpace here.

(*) The episode was never filmed, partly because of its wild creativity and unfilmable special effects. Apparently the MS led Gene Roddenberry to exclaim, "This isn't prose, it's gnats in formation!"

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