Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay

I can't wait for this one if only for the terrorist-directed expectoration "Fuck you, man, doughnuts are awesome!". You can, and you know you should, check out the trailer on the official Harold and Kumar site. Part of why I'm so keen now is that I really enjoyed Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, which I thought was genuinely funny, and had some smart and still playful handling of stereotyping along the way.

Here's a fragment of dialogue from 'White Castle':

Kumar: How were Katie Holmes' tits?
Goldstein: You know the Holocaust?
Kumar: Yeah?
Goldstein: Picture the opposite of that!
Kumar: Nice!

There's also a decent comment piece at the Guardian by Peter Bradshaw, one of the folks I generally trust about movies.

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