Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Effortless incitement"?

When we were growing up on the farm one of the few avenues of escape we had from the soul-crushing tedium of rural life was a crate of tatty old Sci-Fi titles by Jeff Lint, including a pile of novellas and one precious number of the comic "The Caterer" (one page shown below). There was no television reception in our valley, and so we heard only garbled rumours of the animated children's entertainment 'Catty and the Major' (the Major's death scene is pictured to the left) and the nearest towns were nowhere near important enough to warrant the attentions of the rare tours of the Consolation Theatre Company. So all we had were those books and the comic. They gave us a disturbing glimpse of an exotic and glamorous world of tentacles, violence and waiters.

Lint aspired, with universally accepted success, to 'effortless incitement' in his own life, and some of his most baffling and memorable characters, especially Jack Marsden, exhibit to a very high degree the capacity to drive others, including readers, into near apoplectic fury without apparent exertion.

If anyone has an original vinyl copy of 'The Energy Draining Church Bazaar' I would be very interested to purchase it.

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Doctor Spurt said...

7-Inch Stitch, a Band from Austin, Texas, are doing Lint-related work, and have recorded 'I eat fog' and 'I blame ferns'. It's not clear to me whether Lint himself is really associated directly. Newcomers should be careful not to confuse 7-IS with the original Energy Draining Church Bazaar. See: